Secondary DNA Transfer and Unsafe Conviction

The Case of Lukis Anderson In 2012, Lukis Anderson was charged with murder. The case against Anderson was circumstantial – based solely on evidence of DNA transference. But it was later learned that his DNA had made it to the crime scene by way of the paramedics who had treated Anderson earlier on the same […]

Oland Trial Highlights Presumption of Innocence

On July 19, 2019, Dennis Oland was found not guilty in the bloody, bludgeoning death of his father, New Brunswick multimillionaire Richard Oland. Proceedings spanned eight years — including a conviction, successful appeal, retrial, mistrial, and ultimately, an acquittal. In the wake of Oland’s acquittal, much has, and will continue to be written, and discussed […]

Collateral Consequences Since R v Suter – Three Cases for Consideration

The doctrine of collateral consequences ensures that incidental consequences for unusual cases are “fairly and sympathetically addressed” with an appreciation of the “vicissitudes of human experience”.[1] In this post, the author surveys three interesting decisions which have considered the doctrine of ‘collateral consequences’ in the 8 months since the SCC rendered its judgment in R […]